The Tractionology Group is a coaching and training organization that is focused on distilling the process of systematic sales growth down to an understandable science without losing the magic that makes you or your business unique.

Who We Help...

We help scale-up CEOs, Founders, and ambitious business owners. The world builders. The disrupters. The entrepreneurs who are using technology, products, and services to shape the future. We're here for you.  

We work with scale-minded founders who are world-class at what they do. Those with a growth mindset that believe in making a massive impact on the world as much as they desire to make a massive amount of income in the process.

The world changers we partner with are usually venture-backed ($1M or more in capital raised) or already generating over $1M in annual revenue. They have made great initial progress but want support on the sales, structure, systems, teams, and guidance to unlock their next level of growth.

What we do...

In the simplest terms, we help scale up CEOs and founders build their sales and marketing “operating system” to scale sales, drive a culture of excellence, and unlock their next stage of growth.

We deeply understand the pain of being a Founder. The insane ups and downs. The pressure to drive sales, hire faster, manage burn, keep your team thriving, raise the next round, communicate with investors, and on and on. This is all made more challenging during an economic downturn. It's the most stressful and lonely job on the planet.

We've been there and we have your back.

Our coaching and training programs are designed to give you actionable, personalized, timely guidance to help you manage the insanity. We show you how to simply, focus, and find the one big domino you need to unlock your next level of growth.

No gimmicks, no "get rich quick" nonsense, no flavor of the month sales techniques. Just simple, clear, battle-tested methods to help you achieve record results in record time.

What We Believe...

First of all, we believe in you. We believe that it's possible for you to not only survive the scale-up roller coaster, but to actually thrive and enjoy it (yes, even during an economic downturn).

We follow a belief system that centers around 6 core principles.

  • True North - Put the interest of the market ahead of your own. This means not just getting the sale, but helping customers get results above everything else you do.
  • Simple Works - Less is more, simple is beautiful. Find the difference that makes the difference and strip away the complexity so you can get results faster.
  • Ruthless Focus - First things first, second things not at all.
  • Crack The Code - Validate before you automate. Success is not a "hole in one" game. Most of what you do won't work and you need to iterate to find your unique path.  
  • Play The Long Game - Disciplined perseverance beats secrets, hacks, and shortcuts.
  • Have Fun - Otherwise, what's the point?

Our Team...

Joe Stolte


Joe leads the business and drives the unique IP that helps our clients get world-class results.

Sean Weas

General Manager

Sean manages the day-to-day business including media buying, marketing, and client success.

Joe Reed

Growth Advisor

Joe Reed helps our clients and future clients find the bottlenecks holding them back from growth.

Frances de Chavez


Frances helps keep our team organized and efficient while we focus on helping clients scale.

Contact Us...

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