The Tractionology Group is a coaching and training organization that is focused on distilling the process of systematic growth down to an understandable science without losing the magic that makes you or your business unique.

Who We Help...

We help purpose-driven coaches, consultants, creators, and experts. The bridge builders. The advice-givers. The people who are in the business of helping others get from where they are to where they want to be. We're here for you.  

We work with founders who are world-class at what they do, evidenced by the results they create for their clients and customers. These individuals have a growth mindset and believe in making a massive impact as much as they believe in making a massive amount of income.

The world changers we partner with are making at least $10,000 per month in their business and have all the right ambition to scale to 7 or 8 figures a year in income but they lack the roadmap, structure, systems, teams, and accountability to get there quickly.

What we do...

In the simplest terms, we help coaches, consultants, creators, and experts scale their sales to $100K or more per month without working 100 hours a week.

We deeply understand the pain of not having enough leads, not having enough clients, and feeling burnt out because you're wearing all the hats and doing all the work - all while dreaming of making an impact and creating a life of freedom and expansion.

Our training and coaching programs show you how to consistently and predictably scale your sales while helping your clients and customers get transformative results. We show you how to simply, focus, and find the one big domino you need to improve your sales and free up your time.

No gimmicks, no "get rich quick" nonsense, no flavor of the month sales techniques. Just simple, clear, battle-tested methods to help you achieve record results in record time.

What We Believe...

First of all, we believe in you. We believe that it's possible for you to create a business and a core offer that you L.O.V.E., one that is Lucrative, Outstanding, Valuable, and Easy to deliver. To do this, we follow a belief system that centers around 6 core principles.

  • True North - Put the interest of the client ahead of your own. This means not just getting the sale, but helping clients get results above everything.
  • Simple Works - Less is more, simple is beautiful. Find the difference that makes the difference and strip away the complexity so you can get results faster.
  • Ruthless Focus - First things first, second things not at all.
  • Crack The Code - Validate before you automate. Success is not a "hole in one" game. Most of what you do won't work and you need to iterate to find your unique path.  
  • Play The Long Game - Disciplined perseverance beats secrets, hacks, and shortcuts
  • Have Fun - Otherwise, what's the point?

Our Team...

Joe Stolte


Joe leads the business and drives the unique IP that helps our clients get world-class results.

Sean Weas

General Manager

Sean manages the day-to-day business including media buying, marketing, and client success.

Joe Reed

Growth Advisor

Joe Reed helps our clients and future clients find the bottlenecks holding them back from growth.

Frances de Chavez


Frances helps keep our team organized and efficient while we focus on helping clients scale.

Contact Us...

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