Build A Consistent Sales  "Operating System" For Your Scale-Up Business.
Sales Accelerator is a 10-week “boot camp” style training program that shows you exactly how to consistently attract & convert customers for your SaaS or  'scale-up' stage business, while building a hyper-focused team to unlock your next level of growth. 
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Who This Is For

If you're a 'scale up' CEO or founder this is for you.

The Sales Accelerator Program is designed for ambitious founders who have raised at least $1M in funding or have $50K or more in monthly recurring revenue who want to scale sales with more predictability, consistency and velocity.

You’re great at what you do and your market gets results from your products and services but you haven’t yet cracked the code on consistent and predictable sales growth every month. If this sounds familiar, you're in the right place.

Here's what you can expect to achieve in 10 weeks or less...

The Sales Accelerator Program will help you achieve the following in 10 weeks or less:

  • Build a repeatable sales "operating system" so you can run your marketing and sales organization like a well oiled machine
  • Get absolutely clarity on your target customer, their key pain points, and the core problem you solve in the market
  • Create a 'stage appropriate' go to market strategy that resonates with your ideal target customers
  • Understand how to cut your sales cycle by 50% or more, while getting a realistic forecast of revenue
  • Understand how to find "message market fit" by mining your sales calls for customer feedback so you can make your marketing message razor sharp
  • Build a customer attraction system that will help you get consistent and predictable monthly sales growth
  • Learn how to hire a committed, competent, and fully engaged A-player sales team that get consistent results
  • Increase your sales call conversion rate to 30% or greater with a proven (and customized) customer-centered sales script
  • Optimize your post sales fulfillment process so you can turn new customer into raving fans that consistently send you  referrals

What Our Clients Are Saying...

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Here's How It Works

Sales Accelerator gives you everything you need to scale your sales:

  • Online Training: Each week you’ll get a step-by-step training video showing exactly what you need to do to scale.
  • Coaching Support: Every week we hold a Q&A call where you can ask questions and dive deep with our team. 
  • Community Support: Access our online community where you can build with other like minded entrepreneurs. 
  • Tools & Templates: Access to all of our email templates, sales scripts, ad swipe files, tech tools, and systems so you can hit the ground running. 
  • Expert Interviews: We interview extraordinary 8 and 9 figure entrepreneurs and deconstruct their success for you.
  • Graduation Bonus: When you finish the program, you’ll gain complimentary access to day 1 of our Titan 360 Mastermind.

How to get started

If you’re a scale-up CEO, a founder, or business owner that has raised at least $1M in funding or has $50K or more in monthly recurring revenue...

Schedule a call using the calendar below. One of our trained experts will meet with you to see if the Sales Accelerator Program is a good fit.